Exploring the Artistry of Mary Ross Nabarula: A Journey Through Bush Tucker

Art has the remarkable power to transcend cultural boundaries and convey the essence of a place and its people. In this article, we delve into the world of Mary Ross Nabarula, an indigenous artist hailing from Willowra, Northern Territory, and explore her captivating artwork titled "Bush Tucker." Join us on a journey through her life, her inspiration, and the deep-rooted cultural significance behind her creations.

Mary Ross Nabarula - A Glimpse into Her Life

Mary Ross Nabarula was born in 1956 in Willowra, Northern Territory, a place deeply embedded in the heart of indigenous Australian culture. She is a custodian of the Dreamings, preserving the traditions of her mother's country and the rich tapestry of bush tucker and women's ceremonies.

The Indigenous Community of Willowra

Willowra, situated 350 kilometers north of Alice Springs, boasts a fluctuating population of approximately 200 people. It serves as the backdrop for Mary's artistic journey, a place where the ancient traditions of her people are still very much alive.

A Journey of Artistic Discovery

From a young age, Mary Ross Nabarula displayed a natural talent for painting. She honed her skills by joining the Willowra Art Centre, where she learned the intricate techniques of indigenous art from other established artists.

The Artistic Style of Mary

Mary's artistic expression is deeply rooted in tradition. She employs the dot technique, a hallmark of indigenous Australian art, along with iconography to convey the stories and cultural significance of her heritage. Her works are a visual testament to her connection with the land, its resources, and the sacred ceremonies of her people.

"Bush Tucker" - An Artwork with Dual Identity

The masterpiece "Bush Tucker" is a testament to Mary's commitment to preserving her culture through art. This acrylic on canvas artwork measures 149.5cm x 151cm and bears her signature, making it a unique piece of indigenous art.

The Significance of "Bush Tucker"

"Bush Tucker" encapsulates the essence of the Australian Outback. It features elements like bush tomatoes, bush berries, bush potato/yam, witchetty grubs, and cotton wool - all integral parts of indigenous Australian diet and culture.

Mary's Connection to Her Ancestral Land

Mary Ross Nabarula splits her time between Willowra, her homeland, and Alice Springs. This duality is a reflection of her deep-rooted connection to her ancestral land and her desire to share her culture with the world.

Versatile Art

One intriguing aspect of "Bush Tucker" is its versatility. It can be hung both vertically and horizontally, adapting to the preferences and spaces of art enthusiasts.
TITLE: BUSH TUCKER (bush tomatoes, bush berries, bush potato/yam, witchetty grubs, cotton wool)
149.5CM X 151CM
149.5CM X 151CM
88CM X 151CM



Authenticity Guaranteed

If you acquire "Bush Tucker," you can rest assured knowing that it was purchased directly from Mary herself. A gallery certificate of authenticity accompanies the artwork, adding to its value as a unique piece of indigenous Australian art.


Mary Ross Nabarula's "Bush Tucker" transcends mere art; it is a cultural treasure that encapsulates the rich heritage of indigenous Australians. Through her skillful use of traditional techniques, Mary brings to life the stories, ceremonies, and bush tucker that are integral to her culture. By acquiring "Bush Tucker," you not only own a piece of art but also a piece of history.


Q1: Can I purchase "Bush Tucker" online?

Yes, you can acquire "Bush Tucker" online, and it comes with a gallery certificate of authenticity.

Q2: What is the significance of bush tucker in indigenous culture?

Bush tucker holds cultural and spiritual importance in indigenous Australian culture. It represents the connection between the land, people, and the Dreamings.

Q3: Are there other artists from Willowra?

Yes, Willowra has a vibrant community of artists, each with their unique style and stories to tell.

Q4: Does Mary Ross Nabarula have other artworks?

Yes, Mary has created numerous artworks, each telling a different story from her culture and experiences.

Q5: Can "Bush Tucker" be shipped internationally?

Yes, "Bush Tucker" can be shipped internationally to art enthusiasts worldwide.

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