Our Story


Altyerre Art is a unique collection of Aboriginal Art - watercolour, contemporary and traditional works – collected since the 1960s by Bartolomeo ‘Jimmy/Jim’ Del Giacco and Lori Ventura-Del Giacco.

As Jim and Lori made a life in Alice Springs, Jim built a reputation as the hard-working man who would give anyone a go and a day’s work. He taught a range of building and painting skills to Indigenous people over the years, giving them the opportunity to work on his projects. Many of those workers had artistic talents and Jim regularly purchased their artworks, thinking of how the money would support their families.

As Jimmy’s health deteriorated and his passion for art took a back seat, many Aboriginal artists and past employees would still come and say hello when they were in town. It was Lori who kept the passion for buying art.

As the collection has grown over more than 55 years, the artworks have remained in storage where they are now ready to be shared with the world for everyone to enjoy. Each piece has a story behind the artwork itself but also of how that painting came to be in Jim and Lori’s possession.

We hope you love these artworks and the stories behind them as much as we do.

About Lori and Jim

Lori and Jim are Italian immigrants who settled in Alice Springs after stints in other states. Lori and Jim met and fell in love and grew their family in Alice Springs; Lori working in hospitality and Jimmy as a painter and builder.

They started numerous businesses together including the first pizza/Italian restaurant in Alice Springs, Centre Restaurant in 1965. Their business adventures continued to restoring the old Postmasters home now called ‘The Residence’ which is part of the National Trust, constructing units and a hotel. Being Italian immigrants, they have a passion for growing their own food and everyone who came by would leave with a bag of food from their orchard when in season.

Throughout his time in Alice Springs, Jimmy worked tirelessly for the Italian community and was honoured by the Italian Prime Minister and awarded a Knighthood (Cavaliere in Italian) for services to their community in 1974. As a humble man, Jimmy is equally proud and modest about this recognition.

Over the years, many artists who came into town would visit Lori and Jim at their property to say hello and bring their artwork to sell. In the early days, it was sometimes their only means of income for their family and Lori and Jim were happy to help, forging hundreds of friendships, some which still exist today.

About Bridgette

Bridgette is the youngest of the two Del Giacco children, living in Alice Springs until she was 15 before moving onto boarding school in Adelaide. She has lived and travelled overseas extensively eventually settling back in Australia.
Now living in Darwin with her partner and two children of her own, Bridgette manages the family business. She’s excited to take on an online art gallery project to let the beautiful art and stories that shaped her upbringing, give joy to others.
Sadly, Jimmy passed away on the 23rd May 2021.